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Although the Komer Brain Science Institute has been formally treating patients for the last two years, Dr. Komer has been restoring hormones in brain injured patients for many years.

He has a long affiliation with athletics. His original training was in exercise physiology before he became a physician. He has looked after athletes his whole medical career. Dr. Komer has been Team Physician for the Toronto Rock Professional Lacrosse Team since its inception 17 years ago. They have won six league championships. He has been Team Physician for Team Canada Lacrosse in The World Lacrosse Championships (2003 and 2015 when the men’s team won gold medals and 2013 when the women’s team won their silver medal). Dr. Komer has been Team Physician for many other lacrosse teams both in Canada and in Europe. With these teams, he has seen and treated many concussions.

He is a colleague of Dr. Mark Gordon from Los Angeles who was the first in the world to present a formal three-day seminar on traumatic brain injuries and the association with disturbed hormone levels. Dr. Komer has led a parallel life with Dr. Gordon. Dr. Komer’s expertise was developed with athletes whereas Dr. Gordon’s was developed looking after soldiers in the US military returning from battle. They have discovered very similar findings and developed treatments. Dr. Komer was pleased to be accredited by successfully passing this course and its exam. He holds Dr. Gordon as a dear friend and a brilliant colleague. They both agree that there has been a need to fill this treatment gap not only in service men and women, first responders and athletes but in the rest of the public as well. We are seeing more and more young people getting concussions and the scientific information now shows that even if the initial damage is mild, there can be inflammation which may spread over the next two or three decades and lead to brain problems.

Our present treatment protocols address and treat the inflammation as well as restore the hormones. Most individuals and clinics treating concussions and brain injuries do not do this.

Our clinic does not feel that any one person is capable of treating all of the ramifications of concussions and brain injuries. We have therefore formed a group of passionate and brilliant individuals with other medical expertise in a SuperClinic that includes treatment for:

  • Vision and brain visual-processing problems
  • Hearing and balance abnormalities
  • Pain and muscle problems particularly in the neck and back
  • Sports Medicine

Utilizing these professionals, we have found that our success rates have been much higher and patient improvements have been far superior.