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Q: I’m 19 and I’ve had depression for the past 7 months, its ruining my life. I’ve tried anti depressants and they don’t work. I recently went to a new doctor and he checked my testosterone level. he said it is 234 and it should be around 850, he jokingly said I have the testosterone of an 85yr old man. Also my estrogen is ten times higher then normal. He has put me on testosterone replacement therapy. I got my first shot about a week ago, i was wondering how long it takes to feel any effects and could this be causing and or adding to my depression.

A: Usually things improve in the first one to two months. Low testosterone can certainly lead to depression. It is also important to lower your estrogen levels since increased estrogen leads to increased sex hormone binging globulin, which reduces “active” testosterone. We have recently presented a paper on our results with lowering estrogen.