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Osteoporosis and Andropause

Q: I am a 40 year old male, who while suffering no debilitating effects of andropause has certainly experienced with increasing frequency all the associated symptoms.

Of primary concern however, is the potential onset of osteoporosis, as I have always had a thin frame and poor posture. I am particularly interested in a therapy that would capitalize on the anabolic properties of treatment to build core strength and lean muscle mass generally around the back and spinal cord area.

Do you offer such a program ?

A: Our program diagnoses Andropause from a complex questionnaire that we have developed that gives a score to symptoms plus the values on your bloodwork.

Then we offer several options for testosterone replacement, which is important in warding off osteoporosis as well as heart disease. It seems that you understand that during treatment, a very important part of the process is exercise to build strength.