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Dr. Lawrence D. Komer Medical Professional Corporation


The internet is a place where information moves very quickly – and sometimes quietly.

The policy of the Peak Performance Institute Inc. for its website – including this the Masters Men’s Clinic website – is that privacy must be respected.

We do not automatically gather any personal information on the websites. We do not know your name or address or other confidential information. Our system tracks visitors to specific pages and how long each page was viewed. We do not distribute this information.

Knowing where time is spent is important to us since it tells us what is of interest to our visitors. It makes us more responsive to the visitor’s priorities. We can add more information on pages that are helpful and less on those topics or subjects that are not being used.

Your health is our business. We use information as a tool to serve you better but we do not sell or rent or distribute confidential information you entrust to us.

At Peak Performance, we thank you for the opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to email or call us if you have any further questions.