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Testosterone Levels

Q: I heard your message on the radio this afternoon. I found that I answered most of the questions you asked on the subject positive. I was checked for testosterone levels and was told that it was within range. I am concerned about the problems I am having and would like to make an appointment with your clinic as soon as possible.

A: We have had many messages like yours. The blood tests are very misleading. We look forward to meeting you.

Q: I have been inquiring about HRT and I was given your name by another doctor. I am 33 years old and I have low testosterone levels. I believe I have always had low testosterone levels and having surgery for Bilateral Torsion Testicles when I was 16 I believe may have compounded the problem. Low testosterone levels run in my family and my father has been on HRT for several yesrs. I spent several years trying various things to raise them naturally, proper nutrition, training, proper vitamins/minerals/fats in my diet and i have tried products like tribulus with natural estrogen blockers with no success. For a long time I thought that it might have been stress or some kind of depression… got rid of the stress in my life and the times in my life when I was happy things were still the same. I spoke to two family doctors in my life about this and they both said “you look healthy”.

A: We would be happy to see you. If you cannot make it to Burlington in person, we soon will be offering an online consultation from our website. Blood work tells only part of the story. Much of our assessment is based on a unique assessment questionnaire that we have developed entitled the Masters Andropause Assessment Index (MASI). I am sure that we could help.