Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Q: I’ve been living in the U.S where I have been receiving testosterone replacement therapy. My prescription is for testosterone cypionate administered intramuscularly once weekly for 10 consecutive weeks. Following this, human chorionic gonadtropin is administered along with clomiphene citrate for restoration of the HPTA. Am I correct to assume Masters Men’s clinic has program’s similar to this? Are patients on the therapy for a period of time followed by an attempt to restore the natural levels however dismal they may be? or are the patients on the testosterone therapy continually? Any information would be appreciated?

A: This is not a protocol that we use. We have patients on various forms of testosterone including Andriol (which is not yet available in the us) which is an oral capsule and compounded testosterone crème. If we use injections we tend to use Delatestryl since in Canada it is twice the strength of cypionate and so we inject smaller volumes. Our protocol is similar to that of Dr. John Crisler from the US in that we give HCG twice weekly the two days before the injections. This protocol has worked out very well. It tends to preserve the patients own production

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I hope that this helps.